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Investing on a big sign is not a waste of money like many may think. If you want your business to be noticed, then you have to make some presence. When you are walking or driving by a street, are you more prone to turn your attention to a little store which you can barely see what they announce on hand written signs or to a business that announces its products on a big colorful banner, or maybe a colorful lit sign? The answer is easy, whatever shines in your eyes more will get your attention first.

Just think about it, what do you other successful business have... If you own a business and are serious about making it grow, maybe it's time to consider a few improvements on the way you promote it.


Thanks for visiting Adelante Design & Print, let us help you with your business promotion project. Many times business owners feel investing money in promotion is a waste of time and resources, but how do you plan to have a successful business without clients? In order to get new clients you need to put the word out about your business. "Word of Mouth" marketing is great, and even the new social media marketing, but not all clients are technology enthusiasts, sometimes we need to be more traditional. Come visit us at our office and let us help you design your website, let us print your promotion, or wrap your truck/car in a design that will for sure call people's attention. They will have to look and see what your business is about. Our team will assure your satisfaction. 


A business not only depends on the great satisfying service it provides. Instead, it depends also on the presence it has, and the new clients that it acquires everyday. 

Thus, promoting is very important to let people know your business exists.

A very effective way to tell people "Hey! Over here! I can help you with that!" is by using your automobile to advertise everywhere you go, everywhere you park. You can be sure you will be getting more calls everyday.


T-Shirts, Caps and more...

Everyone loves getting things for free. How about in you next event you give out a few T-shirts or caps with your business information... imagine several clients or friends wearing your shirt from time to time outdoors letting people know about your business for free. Isn't that what all major companies do? 


Printed clothing accessories are a great way to call attention.  

On the other hand, maybe you just want your crew to represent your company with a uniform... T-shirts and caps are a great way to maintain a dress code and at the same time to advertise your company.

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